Mr. Lim enjoyed a high reputation throughout his life. In 2005, the Purple Mountain Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing named an asteroid (serial No. 5539) “Lim Por-yen Planet” in memory of his life-long contribution to education in scientific economic and cultural development, and social welfare in China and Hong Kong.


Mr. Lim once told members of the media: “Time flies like an arrow and people’s life can be short. That’s why we should do more good things for our nation and the public, and keep on doing so. Back in my home-town of Chaoyang, I never made any investment, nor earned any profit. Anyone who wants to live fully should always be deeply concerned with the public’s difficulties, and that will bring him a much fuller life.” These simple sentences show the driving force behind Mr. Lim’s life-long charity work and his devotion to his homeland. The spirit of “Never talk about rest, but keep on seeing charity as the best” will keep shining like the Lim Por-yen Planet.




(Photo) From a series of photographs entitled “The sound of the blooming flowers”, taken by Mr. Cheng Chi-hoi, an arts teacher at Chaoyang Lim Por-yen Secondary School. Mr. Cheng was looking at the world through the eyes of children, and saw that each and everyone was blessed with what they accomplished and what they wanted to do. The truth is: there is a sound when flowers are blooming, but one has to listen carefully.



Munsang College


In November 1956, Munsang College tried to raise funds for building extra classrooms by selling lottery tickets. In support, Lim Por-yen donated a new car as the prize for the winner. In May 1965, he donated funds for the construction of a new school gate at Inverness Road. In 1968, in memory of his mother, Mr. Lim made a further donation to set up a scholarship called “The Late Mrs. Lim Lee Sui-sang Memorial Award”. He later donated HK$1,100,000 in support of the renovation of the Grand Hall of the College. When construction was completed, the hall was formally named Lim Por-yen Hall. In 1986, when Munsang College celebrated its 60th Anniversary, Mr. Lim and five other alumni were elected Permanent Presidents of Munsang College Alumni Association. In 1992, Mr. Lim donated another sum of HK$1,500,000 in support of the school’s building expansion.



On 29th May 1993, as a token of appreciation of Mr. Lim’s continuous support for the school’s expansion, Munsang College renamed the building facing the front entrance “The Lim Por-yen Building”, and Mr. Lim personally officiated at the ceremony.
In 1994, Lim Por-yen donated HK$500,000 to sponsor the fund-raising campaign for the Munsang College History Museum. In 1996, the College held a series of celebration events for its 70th Anniversary and organized an opening ceremony of the History Museum by Mr. Lim Por-yen and Mrs. Lim U Po-Chu. In 1999, Lim Por-yen donated yet another HK$500,000 for the opening of the Hong Kong Island Munsang College.


Lim Por-yen Film Theatre in Hong Kong


Mr. Lim donated HK$3 million to support the Hong Kong Arts Centre to promote its work in culture and art. To express the Centre’s gratitude, the cinema house in the Centre is named “The Lim Por-yen FilmTheatre”.