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As Founder and Chairman of the Por Yen Charitable Foundation Limited (Foundation), I am delighted to welcome you to the Foundation’s website. 

I established the Foundation in 2012 to continue the tradition of philanthropy begun many years ago by my grandfather, Mr. Lim Por Yen, and kept up by our family ever since. The family has contributed over $700 million to important causes in Hong Kong, Taiwan and over ten cities within the Mainland of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shantou. I believe that now is the right time to bring together all these activities into a single, non-profit making organization that will attract funds from a much wider base and distribute them where they are most needed.

There are of course a great many excellent charitable organizations in Hong Kong. What distinguishes the Foundation is not only its historical background, but also its broad remit and its commitment to sustainable causes.

As to remit, our Articles of Association make provision for education (where my grandfather was particularly active), heritage, sport, culture, medical services, helping the disabled, the elderly and the young, alleviating poverty and disaster relief. As to sustainability, we try to choose activities and programmes which will lead to tangible results: financing medical centres, providing scholarships and preserving heritage are good examples. We believe that this focus means that our resources will deliver maximum value for those in genuine need, and not simply serve as regular top-ups to cover administrative costs.

Our VISION is “To help others to help themselves”; our MISSION is “To continue the charitable legacy of Mr. Lim Por Yen in Greater China by supporting and developing self-sustaining activities with the maximum impact”.

I hope you will agree that these are worthy aims, and that you will help us to achieve them in the years ahead.

Lester Lam Hau Yin
Founder and Chairman of
Por Yen Charitable Foundation Limited