Foundation Objectives

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The Foundation was established in memory of the late Mr. Lim Por Yen in order to continue and develop his charitable activities for the good of the people in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China and, in particular, to improve in a sustainable way their quality of life, both physical and cultural. In pursuit of his overall goal, the Foundation’s objectives are:

To promote education in arts, science, technology, medicine, social science, commerce, industry and other subjects; to arrange for the dissemination of information and knowledge of such subjects by any means; to establish, operate and maintain non-profit making schools to provide for studies, training and academic research in such subjects; and to establish and provide scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards and any other forms of assistance in and facilities for the education of students and scholars.  


Medical Relief and Research
To provide for the relief of sickness and to undertake medical research into the problems arising from all kinds of disease and illness and into the methods of alleviating or curing them, and to publish the results of such research.

Heritage, Art and Culture

To conserve, maintain, rehabilitate, revitalize and restore buildings and other structures of historic, cultural or educational significance, and to promote the participation of the community in these and other artistic and cultural activities.

Poverty Relief
To provide for the relief of poverty, hardship and suffering; in particular, among children and elderly people.

Disaster Relief
To provide relief to the victims of natural or other disasters, catastrophes and accidents, and to their dependents and family members.