Care Action Charity Walk

9 December, 2012

Care Action is a non-profit charitable organization, aiming to promote hiking; health beneficial activities to raise fund for children who are unable to go to school or already in school but in the remote mountain area in the Mainland of China.

Through Care Action the Por Yen Foundation has continued to carry on one of Mr. Lim Por Yen’s keen activities: alleviating poverty.  In December 9, 2012, the Por Yen Foundation supported the participants in the Care Action Charity Walk.

The Charity Walk has 3 levels: Long – mid – and short routes. Participants can freely select one of the following routes according to their ability.

For details of Care Action organization, please visit: www.careaction.org.hk

Por Yen Foundation's representatives pictured with Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze, Hong Kong explorer and adventurer, Founder of China Polar Museum Foundation Ltd.

Por Yen Foundation's representatives officiated the charity walk in an unusual form arousing many audiences.