Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF) 2013

27 September, 2013

Hong Kong is a world leading financial centre. Yet, behind its affluence, the city scores 0.537 in the Gini coefficient, a measure of disparity of wealth, indicating that Hong Kong is one of the places with the biggest wealth gap. Based on a research in 2010, among its 8 million population, more than 1.2 million live below the poverty line, meaning that Hong Kong is concurrently a city of poverty.

“Inter-generational poverty” has been a deep-rooted societal issue impacting on the sustainable development of Hong Kong. It is against this background that the Government has introduced a policy through the Child Development Fund (CDF) to resolve inter-generational poverty by operating the scientific evidence-based youth development model of asset building.

A group of warm-hearted community leaders responded positively to the CDF by establishing the Child Development Matching Fund ("CDMF"). CDMF is a community based charity. It encourages the society at large to actively invest time, manpower, and financial resources to enrich our next generation. It raises money from the community to match the personal savings of the participating youths of the CDF programme.

For details of Child Development Matching Fund, please visit website: www.cdmf.org.hk