The Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services (HKCPS)
Yuen Long District Secondary School-Student Internship Programme 

22 July, 2013

Professionals earn their living by their professional knowledge instead of from investment returns. And they have to observe a high standard of professional conduct. They are good role-models for youngs people.

In the past few years, the Coalition and the Headmasters’ Association of the Yuen Long District Secondary Schools have together provided hundred placements for Form 5 students for two weeks. The placements were provided by several practices from the professions including: legal service, architecture, accountancy, engineering, landscape architectural, planning and surveying. The opportunities to work with professionals help broaden the horizon of the young people in the neighbourhood and build self-confidence. It is also a precious opportunity for them to go beyond the Yuen Long District and experience working in the business centre of Hong Kong.

The programme in past few years were commended by the interns, the teachers and the participating professional practices. The Coalition continues to organize internship programme and aims at providing 200 placements. Por Yen Foundation has supported the Coalition by providing a number of students the opportunity of learning and practicing different professional fields with hands on experience.

For information of The Coalition of Professional Services please visit www.cps.hk

Yuen Long District Secondary Student Internship Launch Ceremony.

Yuen Long District Secondary group students pictured with Por Yen Foundation CEO, Mr. Andrew Wells.