Guangzhou Municipal Police Welfare Foundation Donation Ceremony 

31 May, 2013

Police Welfare Foundation  Approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs for 20 years since 1993
Registration Department: Guangzhou Province Civil Affairs Bureau
Management Department: Guangzhou Public Security Bureau

Principal of Police Welfare Foundation To encourage the Guangzhou Municipal Police Welfare to contribute their services to strengthen the team's cohesion and to promote the public security and team's development

The Foundation Fund Usage is applicable to the Guangzhou Municipal Police Welfare and its staff only. The police and staff members will get subsidy and compensation according to the State Provision without affecting their salary. The condolence will goes to directly related families of more than 30,000 police who were injured, died as in the line of duty, or felt sick from constant overwork, or seriously ill, to give the allowance to those who lost their family member to ease their economy's difficulties or to those who are seriously ill and cannot work to get the medication subsidy. 

Mr. Xie Fu-xing, Director of Municipal Security Police Foundation accepting the donation certificate from Mr. Lam Hau-yin, Chairman of Por Yen Charitable Foundation on May 31, 2013.

Mr. Xie Xiao-dan, Guangzhou Municipal Deputy Mayor and Public Security Bureau Chief presenting souvenir to Mr. Lam Hau-yin, Chairman of Por Yen Charitable Foundation.