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Medical Outreachers Hong Kong

28 April, 2015

The Medical Outreachers is grown and matured from a previous project called 'Healing Hands, Loving Spirit'. Originally, our precursor was a simple two-week summer service trip to Sichuan. It was organised by The Hong Kong Model United Nations Club (HKMUNC) whose mission was to arouse youth's awareness of global issues. Returning from the Sichuan trip, eleven enthusiastic medical students felt enlightened and wished to share their findings to their peers. The group of eleven came together and thus Medical Outreachers (Chinese: 醫心) was born.

Outreaching - that is our main notion. Through adventuring outside of our comfort zone to reach out to the needy, we believe we could cultivate our passion and devotion in the practice of medicine. Let our flame not be diminished, but rather, spread to our neighbouring friends. It is that simple. Yes, we are indeed advocates of the 'human touch'.

For more information of Medical Outreachers Hong Kong, please visit website: medicaloutreachers.org