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ORBIS Hong Kong - Pin Campaign, World Sight Day 2014

9 October, 2014

ORBIS Hong Kong contributes to the fight against global blindness in several different ways. While most of the work involves raising funds and building public awareness, also invite local ophthalmologists and orthopedists as medical volunteers to travel all around the world in conducting training sessions, eye examinations and check-ups.

Over the years, ORBIS Hong Kong office has promoted a variety of innovative fundraising and awareness-building campaigns via media channels such as television, newspaper and magazines.  Specially appointed Sight Ambassadors support the mission by visiting projects in the world’s poorest countries and sharing their insights with the public.

One of the most important campaigns, the annual Pin Campaign, is timed to coincide with World Sight Day, which takes place on the second Thursday of each October. Individuals and corporate groups are encouraged to raise funds and to wear an ORBIS pin to demonstrate their dedication and support. A mainstay of the fund raising calendar since 2004, the Pin Campaign has received outstanding support from individuals and corporations, and is regularly endorsed by the Hong Kong government. Aimed at building awareness of childhood blindness issues among local children, the annual Kids Sight Carnival is yet another way to reach out to local people.

In the coming years, ORBIS Hong Kong will continue to advocate the importance of eye care and health issues, both locally and internationally. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the donors, volunteers and staff, ORBIS are confident that one day soon realize the dream of a caring world free from the curse of preventable blindness.

The Por Yen Foundation has worked with ORBIS since the Foundation’s inception and intends to continue to organize a joint event annually.

For more information of ORBIS please visit: hkg.orbis.org